Washington, D.C. is a city that commemorates the history of the United States; it is also quite haunted. Tour streets and visit memorials of those once dwelling or working in this political metropolis. Visit angry ghosts, Christopher and Rachel, at the Olde Stone House, their dreams foiled by death. Consider the legend of a demon cat at the Capitol Building and White House that may foretell disaster. Find lore surrounding Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy who still sings her patriotism at the Old Capitol Jail. Ghostly voices can still be heard in the hours before the sun rises over the Potomac. Spirits can still be seen in corridors of power. Listen; these stories will chill you.
E. Ashley Rooney is an accomplished book author of many varied topics, with a special interest in ghostly stories and historic tales. Betsy Johnston is a D.C. editor familiar with both the political machine and the ghosts that follow it.

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