Explore the use of acrylic textural finishes for home decor projects and wall art. Versatile acrylics can be applied as washes, glazes, pastes, or putties to a variety of grounds, including wood, paper, cloth, canvas, and polystyrene. Their unique qualities allow them to be used to create forms that reflect the textures of the natural world. The text introduces the creative process, explores the tools used, and then takes readers through each texturing method. The techniques, demonstrated in over 290 color photos, include crackle, polystyrene relief, thick impasto, scratching, combing, mixes, embedded elements, sponging, tissue and paper textures, metallic paints, sprays, splashes, drizzles, smearing, stamping, impressions, and stenciling. The tools involved are readily available and include sticks, fingers, sponges, brushes, pallet knives, jar lids, erasers, stamps, a hot wire tool for working with polystyrene, and more. This book is for anyone who wishes to create textural art.
Tucker Stouch ("Tuckie" to friends) was blessed by being born into a very creative family. Her parents were both accomplished artists. Her dad was a children's book illustrator and her mother a pen and ink artist and professional model. Tuckie graduated from Moore College of Art and Design and worked as a graphic designer and art director until joining Friendship Community. Here she found a fulfilling opportunity to work on establishing the Heart of Friendship Art Gallery for people with disabilities and professional artists. Since moving to New Jersey in 2010, the work with people with disabilities continued at Bancroft Neuro Health where she assisted part time in the Craft Shop Vocational Program. Creating with a variety of materials and mediums is a continual passion. She finds inspiration in being outdoors exploring the woods and fields of Southern New Jersey. Tuckie is now teaching acrylic painting, designing for magazines and manufacturers, and doing shows.

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