The increasing popularity of water jet?ropelled vessels both in the civilian and military sectors of the maritime industry has outpaced the commonly available and approachable books on these ships. Many mariners who operate these styles of vessels have received training in their operation from vessel-specific instruction. This has left a knowledge gap between the various different vessel types in what works and what does not. Inside are descriptions and pictures of the various parts of water jet propulsion and control systems. Also included are explanations and suggestions on how to make full use of the remarkable maneuvering potential that water jet propulsion offers, followed by an explanation of how to efficiently and safely make use of the higher speeds that water jet vessels can obtain. Last, there is an extensive glossary of terms typically used in the community of high-speed water jets.
John Kinkela was raised in New Jersey and attended SUNY Maritime, graduating with a BS in marine environmental science and a 3rd Mates Unlimited license in 2001. John sailed on various ship types to obtain an Unlimited Master Mariner? license in 2008. Also in 2008, he joined the crew of the High Speed Vessel (HSV)?Swift?as chief mate. After sailing for 14 years, eight of those as chief mate, John has been an instructor of high-speed navigation and water jet shiphandling for the US Navy? Littoral Combat Ship at the US Navy? Surface Warfare Officer? School in Newport, Rhode Island, since 2014. He lives with his wife and three children on the Jersey Shore near Asbury Park and can be contacted by email at?

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