Nothing matches the serenity and beauty of waterfront living. This book offers an insider's tour of more than sixty waterfront homes. You'll hear from twenty notable architects and designers from around the country as they describe their homes, inside and out. Featured are multimillion dollar castles, rustic cottages, cliffhangers, and all those homes in between, showcased here in 400 magnificent color photographs. The oldest home is from the early 1700s; the newest is not yet completed. Their sites are as varied as their designs. This enchanting resource showcases waterfront living and many of the decorating styles that enhance the experience. This book is a must-have for anyone who dreams of living in one of these magnificent waterfront settings. May you find the inspiration to live your dream.
E. Ashley Rooney is a graduate Columbia University. She is a professional writer and editor whose articles have appeared in Redbook, American Home, The Boston Globe, Share, Church Educator, and newspapers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. She writes about houses, gardens, food, youth, women, and health.

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