Once given as premiums and sold inexpensively in department stores, Watt Pottery pieces are now valuable collectibles. For over 40 years a family firm in central Ohio produced these items, gracing the kitchens and dining rooms of American homes coast to coast. This book presents the history of the pottery and traces its product and pattern development. Original research and 800 beautiful color images enable readers to identify pieces, including the very popular hand-decorated items, and distinguish Watt ware from other pottery. Extensive sections on marks, patterns, and all known mold shapes with numbers make this book a collector's dream, and current market values make it an important investment for dealers.
Dennis M. Thompson is an avid collector and researcher of Watt pottery, and founder of Watt Pottery Collectors USA. W. Bryce Watt is the son of William Iliff Watt. He began working in the pottery at the age of 12 and, by the time he graduated high school, had done every job within the company. Also an avid collector, he is vice president of the Ohio Ceramic Center.

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