Gourds offer great surfaces to decorate, and this step-by-step book reveals the design boost you can give your gourd projects by using crayons as an economical source of wax. With over 340 detailed photos, in her popular how-to style Miriam Joy explains the inexpensive materials needed and the basic steps of the low-cost, high-impact wax design technique. Next are step-by-step instructions for four examples of creative wax-technique designs on gourds, plus four stunning rim treatments. By using these as your starting point, you can create unlimited gourd art works of your own?ll featuring low-cost, high-impact wax design technique. Projects range from the "Midnight Fern" gourd with a crocheted beaded ruffle, to the colorful "Flowers in the Jungle" gourd with a simple shell rim, to the "Blue Horizons" gourd featuring a unique coiled Arrowhead Points rim. Plus, using wax, learn how to make faux stones to decorate any project.
Miriam Joy is a professional artist, author, teacher, designer, and inventor, published photographer, filmmaker, and motivational speaker. Her home is in the Arizona mountains where she is inspired by the Navajo people and the beauty of the high desert.

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