Zero waste is key to Maria Sigma? renowned weaving designs, and here she shows beginners?nd more accomplished weavers too?ow that philosophy can transform what you weave. Enjoy learning the basics of both heddle loom and frame loom weaving and succeed at 6 guided projects you?l enjoy adding to your home and wardrobe, while also learning how Sigma has built her practice on sustainability. "Without our attention on the materials and process and how they relate to the world, no design is at its best." She shows how to consider the environmental impact at every stage of the design and making process, as well as within your daily work environment and studio space. Learn ways to decrease yarn waste and avoid unnecessary cuts, as well as how to consider carbon footprints in terms of your use of machines, water, and petroleum-sourced energy. With this guide, you can make handweaving an even more sustainable craft.
Maria Sigma (London), a professional tapestry weaver, is known for her work in promoting?zero-waste principles and the?sustainable weaving of textiles. Her company, Maria Sigma Woven Textiles, is an award-winning textile brand specializing in zero-waste, ethical, handwoven textiles for interiors. Her motto in her life and in her business is "No hidden environmental or social damage." Sigma? textiles are widely exhibited and she has been featured in publications including?Selvedge,?Country Living,?Hole and Corner, the?Observer, the?Evening Standard, and the?Telegraph.

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