Narrow bands woven in colorful patterns are a centuries-old part of Baltic craft tradition. The double slotted heddle makes patterned band weaving quicker to learn and easier to do, and this is the first book that offers beginners instructions for using it. The craft doesn't involve bulky equipment?ll you need can be stored in a shoe box! Learn how to weave these beautiful bands step by step, from the simple 5 pattern threads to the more complex 7 and 9 patterns. Color photographs illustrate the instructions for learning to weave. More than 140 patterns are included, along with principles for planning your own unique designs for contemporary uses such as straps, belts, bracelets, and even handfasting bands. The breathtaking range of colorful bands woven in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway are explored and offer additional inspiration.
Susan J. Foulkes is a designer/weaver in love with natural yarns and fascinated by the long history of weaving. She gained her HNC in Art and Design (Handloom Textile Design) in 2001. Exploring the many facets of weaving brought her into contact with the woven patterned bands from around the Baltic region. The intricate designs became the focus for her research and led to many extended trips around the region. Foulkes has self-published several books of band patterns and over 20 YouTube videos. In these and in workshops in the UK, the USA, and online she has introduced the use of the double slotted heddle. Her articles are published in craft magazines and journals. She lives in Durham, UK.

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