This comprehensive study combines a fantastic historical account with exciting, newly-discovered examples. Art pottery and tiles from the Weller, Roseville, J.B. Owens, and related companies were made variously from 1872 to 1967 in Zanesville, Ohio. The authors studied many private collections to find fresh designs and shapes in this highly popular collecting field. This reference provides in one volume a full account of the companies, shapes, glaze lines, and values on today's market.
Betty Ward has first-hand experience with this subject. She was raised near Zanesville in a family of major collectors and researchers of American art pottery, patricularly the Weller and Roseville wares, and is an experienced dealer in antiques. Today she runs the White Pillars Antiques Mall in Norwich, Ohio.Nancy Schiffer has appraised and researched many important decorative arts collections for private clients and has written many books about decorative arts, particularly ceramics.

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