Westclox was the largest manufacturer of alarm clocks in the world from 1920 to 1980. This wonderful collectors book explores and identifies hundreds of their clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches all dating from 1885 to 1980. Important information about production dates, styles, colors, shapes, and features original to Westclox is included in the thorough yet concise text. Over 400 clearly-detailed color photographs feature Big Ben, Baby Ben, Key Wound Alarm clocks, Bull's Eye Pocket Watches, early wristwatches and more. This book is essential for anyone wishing to begin - or add to - a vintage timepiece collection. A price guide for all models shown is included in the captions.
Gary Biolchini has been a collector and enthusiast of Westclox clocks since 1980 when the La Salle-Peru (Illinois) Westclox plant near his home closed. He has a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry and enjoys collecting and repairing mechanical clocks.

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