Every two years, 50 to 60 top artists in all mediums travel to the tinytown of Aiguines in Provence, France, and spend six days and nights collaborating, cross-pollinating ideas, and trying out mediums they?e never used before. In these pages, learn about this valued source of energy in today? artistic world: the collaborative creativity seminar. Short texts by participants enhance over 275 gorgeous photos of artists in the process of collaborating, as well as the resulting masterful artworks. See how the artists created, in those six days, a total of 176 gallery-quality pieces by joining together across mediums--for instance, a woodturner, a glassblower, and a weaver working together on a project. This view inside the Aiguines event offers inspiration for artists and art organizations to increase their work? quality and their own vision? scope.
AFTAB, the national woodturning association of France, works to promote woodturning as a fine craft, and serves as a place for artists to understand, learn, and produce exceptional quality work. More experienced master artists make themselves available to all members to help mentor and guide them, reflecting AFTAB? philosophy: the sharing of knowledge.Through forums, meetings, and the popular biennial collaborative event"L?rt et la Mati?e," AFTAB works to connect and inspire artists.

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