This richly illustrated and comprehensive resource helps watercolorists plan and create exceptional paintings by focusing on color, value, and other elements in both subjects and settings. Too often, melding the subject with the background is an afterthought for artists. "White! Light! Bright!" is the mantra for this book? unique and effective method for planning your subject in concert with its background, and then creating a powerful piece in three major stages: from white, light, and bright color to mid-values and finally to darks. Easy-to-follow text from a skilled teacher alongside visuals and demonstrations helps you catch the energizing spark of light and contrast. Get comfortable with the how-to of building value, color, shape, and background through various edges, textures, and other compositional elements. You?l bolster the creative thinking and planning processes that are key to an artist? ability to turn an abstract idea into a standout representational watercolor painting.?
Bivenne Staiger is a watercolor instructor with a dual ability to paint with distinction and to teach with clarity. Recipient of American Watercolor Society? Silver Medal and many other distinguished awards for her work in watercolor, she has been sharing her painting techniques and inspiring others through classes, workshops, and art demonstrations for almost 20 years. Most passionate about birds, flowers, and art, Bivenne also enjoys needlework, collage, and other creative pursuits. Professionally affiliated with Academic Artists Association, Connecticut Watercolor Society, Connecticut Academy of Fine Artists, Salmagundi Club, and many others, Bivenne teaches painting classes at Yale Peabody Museum? Natural Sciences Illustration Program and writes a painting blog. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, two cats, and a corn snake.

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