It? late in the fall when Oyster Jack and his boat Dinah sail out to the Chesapeake Bay to harvest oysters. Their friend Wind helps them by blowing against Dinah? sails. But Wind is cold and Oyster Jack won? share his coat or blanket. When Wind hears of a nearby coat of frost and then a blanket of snow, she rushes off to look for them. Oyster Jack and Dinah can? sail without her. He must find a way to keep Wind warm?nd with him. Readers of all ages will be delighted by the clever word play and imaginative solution in this feel-good story about the importance of looking out for your friends. Ages 0-6.

Marcia G. Moore has studied the effects of wind upon sail and sailors for more than forty-five years. She and her husband explore the coves and rivers of Maryland? Eastern Shore in?Little Bird, a replica of a Chesapeake Bay skipjack. Her boating stories have been published in?Sail?magazine and?The New York Times.

Heather Crow, winner of numerous awards including the prestigious national Robert Rauschenburg Power of Art Award for Maryland, spent her career as a public school art teacher. She and her husband live on Maryland? Eastern Shore, where she enjoys illustrating stories her big family can read together over and over.

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