Dr. Katja Fleischmann grew up in Berlin, where edgy street art is part of the local landscape. She has always been a student of the global language of design, especially expressed on the walls in signage and wall art. She was the youngest professor of design in Germany and was also awarded a Fulbright scholarship. Her profession took her to London, New York, Miami, and Australia, where she currently works as a researcher and design educator. Dr. Fleischmann's interest in wall art of women has occupied her travels in many out-of-the-way locations.

Robert H. Mann is a journalist and writer who grew up in L.A., where he was first exposed to street art. While living in Barcelona, he collected political posters that were proliferating following the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. His interest in politics and propaganda piqued his curiosity about why women are the favorite subjects of street artists.

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