Sometimes good intentions aren't good enough and we need a little help to make it though the workday. Some people pray, others put their noses to the grindstone. Now you can take a different path and resolve workplace issues in a magickal way. This special spell book is an easy-to-follow guide to 51 spells, ritual explanations, and cautions covering pesky, job-related hurdles. Get a raise or promotion, hold "thy" tongue, gather inspiration, melt away stress, or just make "them" leave you alone! You can do it! Magick can help!
Marla Brooks lives a magickal life. She is a practicing Wiccan, paranormal investigator, and "ghost" writer. Marla can be heard each week as the host of the Para-X radio show Stirring The Cauldron. She is author of the Ghosts of Hollywood book series.

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