Collectible porcelain Christmas plates have been made in Denmark by Bing & Grondahl since 1895 and by Royal Copenhagen since 1908. These and their many other popular commemorative series, including Mothers' Day, Jubilee, and Childrens' Day plates, have been cherished by generations of people all over the world. This is the first book to bring all the plates together in one beautiful, organized reference. Over 1000 color photographs showcase every series created. Descriptions of every plate made include their English and Danish titles, date, designer, reference code numbers, and current value range. Collectors, dealers, and historians alike will find the book easy to use and fun to consult because it is concise, attractive, and complete.
Lars Christoffersen is the founder of Danish Porcelain Imports, in Joplin, Missouri, which has the widest selection of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl collectibles and dinnerware. He is also an expert in old Flora Danica and other rare collectibles.

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