Yankee Air Pirates is a highly detailed look at United States Air Force uniforms and equipment as used during the Vietnam War. This comprehensive book ?the first of a multi-volume set ?presents hundreds of Air Force named items in over 900 full color photos, giving the reader a precise insight and reference covering fifty-eight Air Force units. Flight suits, utility shirts, jungle jackets, headgear, insignia, weapons, plaques, souvenir lighters, and many theater-made items are featured to illustrate the history of both flying and ground units. Topics covered in this initial volume are: Command & Control, Tactical Control, Forward Air Control, Rescue, Electronic Warfare, and Air Police/Security Police units. An extensive chapter offers a detailed review of uniforms, headgear, and footwear, referenced by model and date.
Olivier Bizet started collecting Vietnam War militaria in 1991, and is a regular contributor to Militaria Magazine in France. He has been working as a production manager in the animation film and television industry since 1995. Fran?is Millard has collected Vietnam War related items since 1989. He spent nearly eight years in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and currently works and lives with his wife and son in Bangkok, Thailand.

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