Explore fifty-six innovative adaptations of old, abandoned structures into modern family homes, apartments, and condominiums. Includes more than 290 images and plans. The accompanying text describes how each historical, industrial, or agricultural structure was spared the wrecking ball, and transformed from derelict to dwelling by an innovative architect. Among the larger buildings rebuilt are churches, schools, factories, barns, a lighthouse, a giant gas tank, and even a missile silo. Smaller structures are not overlooked either, as a smoke house, garage, and a chicken coop are redesigned as cozy cottages and guest houses. The first half of this fascinating text tells the tale of structures redesigned for single family living while the second half describes larger structures retrofitted for multi-family living. The projects also range from commercial enterprises quickly completed to personal labors of love that have taken some twenty-five years of work.
Lucy D. Rosenfeld is an author of books on art and architecture, art education, and cultural history. She has also written walking guides to public art, historic sites, and gardens.

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