New Branding

New Branding

  • John Stone
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  • Oct, 24 , 23

Several years ago, Schiffer Military History was rebranded Schiffer Military and received the more modern “arrow” logo that you may be familiar with. These changes were made in an effort to give the imprint a more distinct identity from the greater Schiffer Publishing.

On the basis of customer feedback received in the interim, we have determined to restore the original Schiffer Military History name and branding. We have found that readers find this more traditional branding not only nostalgic and appealing, but also more recognizable. This is only a change in branding and does not reflect any change in the imprint team’s values or publication strategy.

As always, we sincerely appreciate the support you provide to us, our authors, and of course the books.

Happy Reading!

The Schiffer Military History imprint team

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