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**Thank you everyone who requested our sample Herbal Healing Deck PDF–this promotion is over.**

With all the cartomancy decks available these days, sometimes it’s easy to miss the great ones.

Red Feather believes The Herbal Healing Deck by Sarah Baldwin and Ashley Verkamp is one of the true greats.

With 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Amazon based on 45 Customer Reviews, it seems most everyone agrees.

We’re so sure you won’t want to miss The Herbal Healing Deck that we would love to offer you the chance to explore the first thirty pages of the beautifully written and illustrated comprehensive guidebook that accompanies The Herbal Healing Deck for free, as a PDF emailed directly to you.

Just look at what information is **included** in this free sample:

  • An Introduction to The Herbal Healing Deck as a means of facilitating our communication with plants, based on the shamanic concept that plants contain consciousness, each with its own energy consciousness, archetype, and personality. Basic plant spirit medicine primer that works with plants on the level of consciousness in order to heal the body, mind, and spirit.
  • The story of the deck’s creation and illustration.
  • Firsthand accounts and stories of how the author and illustrator have received messages and guidance from the plants.
  • How to use The Herbal Healing Deck as a tool for divination, detailing the—
    • Physical presences of the plants (how and where they grow).
    • Medicinal properties (parts of the plants used and various applications).
    • Energetic and spiritual properties including astrological and cosmic influences.
    • Plant spirit personalities, archetypes, and folklore.
  • Choosing a Question and limitations when doing a reading.
  • Working with the Suits of Roots, Herbs, Flowers, and Trees.
  • Timing and Spreads.
  • Other spiritual and practical uses of the deck.

Don’t believe us? Just read one 5 Star Review from Amazon:

Out of all the decks I own, I use this the most. I use it almost daily. This deck is perfect for any kind of reading. I’ll find myself asking about a certain area like love or career and I’ll have my questions answered with clarity, while also learning about my health and how each plant, tree or root supports it. My family have all started taking specific herbs because of it and we definitely find it helps! This deck has been astoundingly accurate for me, each and every time. Sometimes with decks, there are many cards with similar messages but I find each card in this deck to be clear with its message and intent and the cards always deliver when it comes to readings. I can’t speak highly enough of it and how much it has helped me.

I recently found out that I have reactive arthritis and I picked two cards asking for what would help me. I got one card which seemed to pertain to my emotional state of mind and the other card was nettle which helps with arthritic symptoms!

Tip: Despite there being two pages worth of (AMAZING) information per card, this deck has been truly wonderful for medium to large spreads. With each section, you can differentiate the herbal medicinal part from the general takeaway message if you don’t have the time or patience to read it all and so it works out great. I’ve had success doing these with friends.



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