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by Alexandre Musruck, author of The Art of Kipper Reading: Decoding Powerful Messages and Kipper Oracle Cards

Many people are now becoming familiar with the Lenormand oracle and find it to be very precise as a mundane reading style, but little do they know about her close sister in divination: the “Kipper cards.” Allow me to introduce you to the fantastique Kipper cards — but first, let me tell you how the Kipper cards found me!

I initially discovered Lenormand divination and discussed this fabulous encounter in my prior book published by Red Feather in 2018: The Art of Lenormand Reading. After working with the Lenormand system for several years I started to search for other forms of cartomancy, and I came upon the Kipper cards. The Kipper karten, like Lenormand, is an oracle system that uses 36 cards, but the difference between the two is that the Kipper is more literal whereas Lenormand is more metaphoric. The artwork is also different, for instead of animals and objects, you will see more situational themes like marriage, work and occupation, success in love, and more. Kipper cards contain myriad personages that show the people around you or actors influencing your life: good lord and good lady, rich girl and rich man, the military and a few more. An important distinction to accurate Kipper card reading is direction, for the reader pays extra attention to who faces whom and which characters are back to back.

An important distinction to accurate Kipper card reading is direction, for the reader pays extra attention to who faces whom and which characters are back to back.

–Alexandre Musruck

For instance, the character pictured on the querent card “main male” for a man receiving a reading actually faces left, so everything to the left of him is his future and what may be positive or favorable (as it is “coming to” him), whereas everything that falls behind him (to the right of the card and behind the character’s back) shows his past and what may have not worked out for him or is unfavorable. For a woman asking for a reading, the “main female” is her card — she faces right and cards laying in front of the direction she faces (to her right) are favorable and show events and situations coming to her whereas cards that fall behind her are what is unfavorable, things that didn’t work or just her past in general.

Let us consider a sample reading to demonstrate this unique method of interpretation! Our querent — Jacqueline — is dating two guys, Paul and Denis. She is uncertain about whom to choose. To help her see the best option, we ask the Kipper for guidance. I choose to draw three cards for Paul and three other cards for Denis. This spread will help us see who has the best potential as a partner for her. I reframe Jacqueline’s question to:

“Is Paul or Denis the best partner for my highest good?”

Here are the cards as they are drawn:

Paul: A Journey card no. 10 – Murky Thoughts card no. 33 – False Person card no. 8

Denis: Unexpected Money card no. 27, His Thoughts card no.16 – Occupation card no. 34

Let’s look at each one separately and then both as a whole. For Paul, A Journey card shows someone who waffles on and off, a little unstable. With the False Person, we can say that he is not to be trusted, and the Murky Thoughts suggests that he is centered on himself in a negative way. 

Directional clues: The Murky Thoughts card faces the False Person, not really a favorable omen and nothing that shows love and longevity for their relationship, more about being manipulated and vague promises. The verdict of the cards: Paul is not a good choice.

For Denis now, we see clearly that he is indecisive and pondering about finances and work, although he is more mature (Unexpected Money= middle-aged person) there is no place left for love. I am afraid that Denis has other preoccupations and Jacqueline is not his focus.

Directional clues: His Thoughts faces the Occupation and leave the Unexpected Money (good things) behind.

My conclusion: Neither Paul nor Denis is potentially a good partner. The reading does stop there, however; a reading is meant to be empowering, not fatalistic. So, I ask the cards: “What can Jacqueline do to attract a good partner that will suit her wants and needs?” I pull 3 more cards:

Hope, Big Water card no. 36 – A Military card no. 22 – Success in Love card no. 15

Jacqueline should raise her standards and look for someone that is disciplined, with a strong sense of values, and who will not be afraid to officialize their relationship. Often in my readings, A Military card points to the profession of someone wearing a uniform — like the military, a doctor, or a police officer.

As you’ve seen, the Kipper cards didn’t simply reply to a question but brought out precious advice about an ambiguous situation.

Directional clues: A Military faces the Hope, Big Water card — one of the best cards in the Kipper deck!

This reading took place in 2006; today, Jacqueline is happily married to Sam, a firefighter (man in uniform) and the mother of a beautiful ten-year-old daughter.

Of course, you can use different spreads depending on your context and questions. For the purposes of this article, I’ve only explored directional clues for back and front, but there is also a larger spread wherein the laying of cards falling above and below our querent reveals greater clarity in their placement. I explain these situations and much more in my new book, The Art of Kipper Reading; within its pages, you will find charts, descriptions, and explanations of each card according to all possible positions in a draw. The Art of Kipper Reading came to life after I posted a picture of a Kipper spread I’d done for a client on my Facebook page several years ago, and I received a barrage of emails about this post from people who were seriously interested and intrigued by this divination system. Unfortunately, at the time there were no resources available in English as everything was in German. Although I don’t speak or understand a word of German, I’ve been working with the cards for so long in my private practice that their language didn’t have any secrets from me and after all the encouragement and support I received from my followers asking me to write a book about Kipper in English, I decided it was time to write it for them! I started by sifting through my many boxes full of journals about my Kipper readings through the years (yes I journal everything!) and crafted this unique book. I wish you wonderful reading and exploration on your Kipper journey and hope the Kipper cards reveal to you their amazing secrets.

Bless be, Alexandre

About the Author

Alexandre Musruck is a French cartomancer, psychic reader, and the founder of the popular YouTube channel @LenormandandKipperReading. He’s been using Kipper Cards in his divination work for more than two decades. When he’s not writing or teaching, Alexandre, from the tropical coast of Reunion Island, can be found spending time with his adorable kids, Mathilde and Raphael, and his lovely wife and soulmate, Erika.

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