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by Christine Rakela, author of REDFeather’s newest release, Traveling by the Stars: Have the Best Trip Possible Using Astrology.

Are you ready to travel again?  Now that life is gradually getting back to normal, traveling is at the top of my list, and my new book, Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and safe traveling experience! Whether you just want to travel or are already into astrology, you will truly benefit from this informative and entertaining book. No need to fear what you might encounter on your journey. In Traveling By The Stars, you will find an easy-to-follow traveling strategy based on the planets, including:

  • Traveling during new and full moon cycles
  • How to handle Mercury retrograde
  • How can you avoid traveling disasters
  • Optimal times to pack your bags and get out of town

Your traveling experiences will be pure enjoyment! Isn’t that what you deserve, especially since being locked down for the past year?

Did you know that traveling disasters only happen on certain adverse planetary days?

If you use astrology to avoid these adverse days, you will avoid the many problems and pitfalls that might occur while taking your trip. There are also days that are exceptional for venturing and bring pleasant, happy, playful, and exciting traveling experiences. Traveling By The Stars points out these beneficial days to you so you can gravitate toward them in planning your trip and fully enjoy your time away.

Traveling by the Stars also thoroughly explores travel descriptions for every horoscope sign, such as:

  • Aries may be motivated to get there
  • Taurus will need more comfort along the way
  • Gemini will need a variety of sights to see
  • Cancer will need to know it’s safe to venture out
  • Sagittarius may be willing to take some risks
  • Leo may want more entertainment
  • Virgo will be interested in taking in historical sites
  • Libra will want to visit beautiful, harmonious places
  • Aquarius will want to be intellectually enlightened
  • Scorpio is looking for a more meaningful experience
  • Capricorn wants to accomplish their set agenda
  • Pisces will want to dream away

If you are traveling with your mate or friend, check out just how compatible you both will be on your trip by utilizing Sun sign compatibility. Why leave your trip to chance when you can call the shots, be in control, and plan a fantastic weekend or long journey with your mate? 

In astrology, some signs are complementary, such as Gemini and Libra, while others seem to clash. In Traveling By The Stars, I explain how two zodiac signs with differing views can find some common ground while traveling together as you satisfy their individual needs. Thus, both signs experience a satisfying and enjoyable trip. Cancer may prefer a safe, homey environment, whereas Sagittarius might prefer to go out and see the town. If Sagittarius scouts out the environment so one feels safe, Cancer will be more willing to venture out and join in Sagittarius’s adventure. Cancer will make their accommodations so comfortable that Sagittarius will enjoy returning to their hotel for the homelike ambiance Cancer has created.

Now some of you may be familiar with Mercury retrograde. And for those of you who are not here’s a brief synopsis. Mercury is known as the planet of communication, like the winged messenger in Greek mythology, but Mercury also rules over the area of travel in an astrology chart. So, when Mercury is said to be retrograding in its orbit, our communication and thinking are not flowing as they should, thus misunderstandings and setbacks occur. Since Mercury holds great influence over travel, there can be delays, detours, cancelations, and disastrous experiences — exactly what we want to avoid. Mercury retrograde generally happens three times a year for approximately three weeks. Ideally, try to avoid travel during these periods, but if you can’t then make sure your travel plans are secured well in advance of your trip. It is wise not to assume anything.

Did you know that some industries operate around the New Moon/Full Moon cycles? In every hospital in the United States, there is an increase of staff on every Full Moon because more babies are born as the intensity of the Full Moon causes the mother’s water to break and therefore give birth. There are also more incidents that take place in the emergency room, so more doctors and nurses are on call. In the world of investing, companies correlate new investments with the New Moon cycle, which promotes new starts or beginnings. Perhaps the Full Moon can correct a problem too, that two tug boats could not do in the Suez Canal. When the Full Moon raised the tide, a cargo vessel became unstuck and was able to sail through the canal. Even the migration of some birds is affected by the lunar cycle. Not surprisingly, some birds take flight approximately nine to eleven days after the Full Moon, thus approaching the New Moon cycle.

The New Moon/Full Moon cycle can also be used in traveling for the best results. Planning your trip around the New Moon will start your journey off to a good start, whereas traveling around the Full Moon will most likely have you running into issues or even serious problems that may be difficult to resolve. Why take that chance? Planning your trip around the New Moon cycle and avoiding the Full Moon will only enhance your journey.

There are so many wonderful places to visit in this wide, wide world, and with most countries opening up their borders, it’s time to return to the wonders of travel. Be sure to buy my new book, Traveling By The Stars, to ensure your excursions are the best they can be!

About the Author:

Christine Rakela

Christine Rakela is a certified astrologer through the National Council for Geocosmic Research. She hosted and produced a television program on Manhattan Cable in NYC for 22 years, has lectured throughout the US, co-hosted a show on WBAI Radio for 2 years, and has been a featured guest on the A&E Network. Christine has also written several articles for Dell Magazine.

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