Wisdom For Wee Ones

Wisdom For Wee Ones

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  • Dec, 15 , 22

by Mark Byers 

Having a child changes, you.  And it makes you think about the future.  A lot (something I wasn’t so good at before that…).  So, when our daughter was born, I started thinking about her future, and what is the best thing I could do to help her.

Should I teach her the value of money, and motivate her to achieve great success?  Should I become a ‘stage father’ and push her toward fame and glory?  Should I instead lead her toward philosophy and an ascetic lifestyle?  (As if I could actually do any of these things – but such are the thoughts of a new father…)


These are all double-edged pursuits, that can bring both blessings, and curses.


But as I was reading the Book of Proverbs, it suddenly dawned me that Wisdom is the one thing that offers all of these things – wealth, fame, understanding – and so much more.  The pursuit of Wisdom is life-changing, a perfectly balanced lifestyle that promises both physical benefits and spiritual foundation.


Wisdom itself is fundamentally simple, more of an overall attitude really.  And so, to convey a wise mindset, I wanted to make it fun, engaging, and memorable for growing young minds.  And thus, was born the concept for Wisdom for Wee Ones, something that the family can enjoy together, because we can’t teach our children unless we are also learning ourselves. 


Wisdom for Wee Ones was conceived of as a book that parents and children could read together.  But then Chris McClure at Schiffer Books came up with the deck of cards angle, which I think is much more fun, playful, and also practical.  Now families can focus on one theme at a time or mix them up and make wisdom a game – the more fun, the more wisdom takes up residence in young hearts and minds. 


So, thank you to my daughter, Dylan – although I made this for you, you have taught me far more about wisdom than I could ever have gained on my own.

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