Listening to Flowers

Nov, 17 , 22
Working with the energy of flowers is my passion. Through the years I’ve learned to listen carefully to the 38 Bach flower remedies, and to receive their messages as medicine.

Lenormand decks vs Lenormand of Enchantment: What’s the real difference?

Nov, 10 , 22

A deck is one of the most powerful tools used to connect with your clients by offering them relevant and accurate information, making their experience meaningful and keep having them...

Harnessing Positive Affirmations During Hard Times

Oct, 27 , 22
These simple practices for renewal and strength can de-tense you. In this way you can counter the negative effects of stress.  You have the power to give yourself a respite with relaxed breathing combined with positive affirmations. 

Getting the Timing Right with "Clarity Tarot"

Sep, 19 , 22

Below is a message from Clarity Tarot author, Debra Zachau, on the timing feature that readers can explore with the deck. This download will help solve the problem of the...

Hidden, Yet Always with Us: "La Santa Muerte Lenormand" Author Q&A

Aug, 03 , 22

This Q&A is with La Santa Muerte Lenormand author, Dan Pelletier Q: Why did you create La Santa Muerte Lenormand? DP: Oh goodness, it’s really a long story I’ll cut...

Breaking Down "The Buddha Tarot" with Robert Place

May, 20 , 22

The following blog is excerpted from Richard Place's The Buddha Tarot. Jung, Plato, and The Source  “In Jungian terms, Plato made use of all four functions of consciousness to understand...

Wild Harmonic Oracle: REDFeather Q&A with Gabe Marihugh

May, 02 , 22

  RF: Who would benefit most from Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards? GM: The Wild Harmonic Oracle is created primarily for people inquiring into the dream-like aspects of waking life, such as...

Road to Balancing Act

Apr, 14 , 22

Perhaps my childhood experiences with my mother influenced my choice in career. My mother was that special person, who arises in every fortunate large family, who helps a lot of...

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