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Lost Places
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The United States has been shaped by mobility like no other nation on Earth. The automobile made possible almost limitless development, but there was a dark side: ghost towns and deserted regions emerged due to...

METRO / New York / London / Paris
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Subways are a great equalizer that supersede social barriers separating people in the aboveground city. In his microcosmic portrayals of everyday human dramas and performances, renowned photographer Herb Robinson profoundly captures the interconnection and alienation...

The Cut-Ups

Over 100 pages of tattoo flash feature Brian Kelly’s innovative cut-up method, which splices and interweaves traditional flash motifs into new and unexpected designs. Inspired by Dadaist literary technique and borrowing from the spirit of...

Concrete Houses

Robust and raw, concrete has been a rudimentary building material for centuries, but it is only relatively recently that architects have begun exploring its softer, tactile side in the design of houses. Concrete is durable,...

Contemporary Stained Glass

Aimee McCulloch, an accomplished modern glass artist, goes beyond traditional stained-glass techniques and makes glass into modern and contemporary works of art. Enjoy that contemporary focus in this complete guide as she first teaches beginner...

Princeton History & Architecture

Experience the layers of history and diverse architecture of Princeton, New Jersey, in this narrated photographic tour of more than 200 locations where history was made and greatness launched. Founded before the American Revolutionary War,...


Works by nearly 100 of today's most prominent artists"including Willie Cole, Mark Dion, Mona Hatoum, Peter Saul, Yinka Shonibare, and Laurie Simmons"raise questions about the many issues that firearms trigger, leaving answers up to the...

Healing Power of Water

The most precious natural resource on our planet, water has the power to soothe, hydrate, and heal. World-renowned film photographer Michael Kahn invites us into this meditative realm with more than 60 black-and-white images of...

Rogue Art History

A fun and easy-to-set-up game for ages 14 and up, where players answer trivia questions about art history and collect artwork along the way. Be the first to collect five artworks and prove, officially, that...

Rogue Art History, National Portrait Gallery Edition

A fun and easy-to-set-up game for ages 14 and up, where players answer trivia questions about art history and collect artwork from the National Portrait Gallery along the way. Be the first to collect five...

Modern Splicing

For marine, boating, and climbing amateurs and professionals at all levels, splices?he strongest way of attaching or joining the end of a rope?re essential. Why? Because a splice gives the strongest way of attaching or...

American Furniture Anatomy

This comprehensive yet highly browsable reference offers concise definitions, clear line drawings, and photographs of the elements and features that make up American furniture of all types. Written by an expert furniture maker and woodworker...

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